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Looking for our Live Stream? If you can’t see the floating player, check out the widgets below, or you can access our direct mp3 link: This link will work in most phones, media players and devices. Also handy if you want to keep the music playing in the background or access our direct mp3 […]

That’s right team! We have an app in the works! Dragging us (occasionally kicking and often screaming) into the current age was always going to be a challenge. We used to have an app, but things were a bit different back then too. We’re proud to announce that work has begun on a dual OS […]

Welcome back Up Fm Family! To begin with, we want to introduce ourselves. I’m Josh Triple FFF, you might remember me from some of the more notorious Up Fm moments in history 🙂 in truth, I have been there for plenty of them, Up Fm was my first job out of high school back in […]

Our love of music and admiration for the UP FM family was the inspiration for us to resurrect the brand and return it to the home we know and love. With your help, we’re going to rebuild it with the same focus that it started with and without the ads! How can you help? #1 […]