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Having spent years touring as a sound engineer across the United States and New Zealand, Josh has a wide variety of skills in both management, music and marketing. Founder of the submitted content, solar powered, mobile broadcast station Paddock Radio. Josh joined PHDM as brand and marketing manager late 2020, bringing with him a wealth [...]

Unsub (Lily), Alexis K (Alice) and n0isemakeR (Ellie). Three Artists with one thing in common; they share the same body. Lily is a DJ and Producer. She has also written scripts for three short films, worked on several others as sound editor or composer, and on a feature film as composer and sound editor. Her [...]

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Up Fm is proudly part of the NZ rave culture fabric. We pay our respects to all who have helped take us this far <3 I won't let you down   FFF

Ralphe was an original part of UPFM family curating many shows like 'Ouur Show' that focused on NZ home-made tunes, through to 'Beat Dungeon' 'X Squared' that was gaming music that had an electronica edge and some of the Drive Shows.    

Sureshot joined the Up family in the early 2000's, and Infectious Sessions has been proudly slamming it out for our listeners across many different iterations of Up, famously being the LAST DJ to play a show on the former Up Fm station and one of the only DJs to play in the ill-fated "New" Up Fm studio after the big move.