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Welcome back Up Fm Family!

To begin with, we want to introduce ourselves.

I’m Josh Triple FFF, you might remember me from some of the more notorious Up Fm moments in history 🙂 in truth, I have been there for plenty of them, Up Fm was my first job out of high school back in 2004. I have been building, testing, and dreaming about radio stations for nearly half my life. I spent the last few years building and running a solar powered, mobile broadcasting station called Paddock Radio that plays 100% submitted original content from artists around the world.

And I am Lily Unsub, I run PHDM alongside Alice (Alexis K) and Ellie (n0isemakeR), a platform to support vulnerable artists who deal with mental and physical health issues which currently includes PHDM Records, Radio, Management and Events. We’re also artists ourselves; writing and performing around the country and overseas for the last decade.

For years we have watched the Up Fm social groups, checking in on former DJ friends and reminiscing about the station, what it meant to the community and the vibes we shared. A few months ago we heard about an opportunity to buy the station. After discussing it with a lot of people we decided to go for it, with the idea of returning it to its roots by championing the things we loved most about it; the full spectrum of dance music it covered, the passionate, knowledgeable DJs and the community and the culture of underground rave music.

We hope to reconnect and bring together as much of the original family as possible, to support the community we have been a part of for so long and introduce people to the history and culture of dance music while giving a space to keep creating and curating it.

Some of you may have already noticed our new website is up and the station is rolling 24/7. You may also have noticed that the station is running without sponsored ads; we intend to keep it this way, though Up Fm relevant shows and events will pop up from time to time.

So, what happens next?

We’d like to get hold of former DJs and offer as many shows back as possible; whether continuing their previous projects, starting fresh, or deep diving the archive vaults of shows to fold the past into the present. We’d like to hear from new artists, DJs and future hosts who are keen to be a part of the Up Fm family. If that is you, hit us UP!

We’ve also been reaching out to international artists and independent labels to get involved in order to broaden the Up Fm horizons. We believe its an important part of bridging the borders and staying connected, especially in these times. We’re grateful for your support and encouragement, we look forward to sharing all of this with you and together breathing life into a new chapter of UP!

Onwards and UPwards,
Josh & Lily xX

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