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StateOfBreakz vs Psydetrack’d

StateOfBreakz vs Psydetrackd

Hailing from the land of the long white cloud Simon Towers aka Dj Pie has been spinning the wheels of steel since the early 90’s. He gained a lot of experience by playing through many genres including Old Skool Rave, Happy Hardcore, Funky House, Breaks, Progressive, and Full On Psy Trance. Although never producing, Pie is not just a Dj but a collector and scourer of music, a tinkerer, a playlister, and with that he has a unique ability to slot in anywhere at the party.
Mixing style preferably is deep and furious, often at times going so deep that before he realises it, he is several meters below the party coverting with aliens in their spaceship (usually taking tea and milk and biccies if they are on offer) before a serious bassline snaps him back to his chosen reality.
Simon started his Djing Career playing bouncy Happy Hardcore in 1996, playing various undergroud raves and having a residency at P104 All Ages dance venue. When the hardcore scene dropped out at the end of the decade he switched into Nu Skool Breaks in 2001. He started a lifelong friendship with Stu Fu the one Like Dj Noise Control and they played on Upfm on Stu’s show; The Mash Almighty Sound System. Soon they changed it up to Stateofbreakz with Noise Control and Simon Towers and they obliterated Thursday night post drive show by being mostly annoying, loud, swearing too much, really annoying, oh and funny.
They kept that show running for many years until Stu moved on, Simon then renamed the show Off the Record. He was lucky to get co-hosted by none other than Miss Lala and together they dominated post drive breaks on a Thursday night with various competitions and holarity. At some point in 2006 Big Dave approached Simon with the urgent news that there was a serious shortage of Full On Psy being played in New Zealand, and that he would be doing his civic duty by joining Phat Productions and slamming out decent Full On Psychedelic at parties in Nz, and Dj Pie was born.
Pie quickly immersed himself in the scene, finding a true bond with the high energy Full On Psy sound. Not expecting it to take his breath away, a decade has now passed and Pie has now cemented himself at the core of Phat Productions. Using the parties to satiate his absolute love of playing that Full On sound through the Opus, Pie has been honing and refining his sound to keep the flexibility to allow him to blast all day and all night. Pie has played at nearly every Phat Productions party since its inception, and he has held a Saturday Night Live residency on ‘Psydetrackd’ Psy Trance Radio blasting out to a world wide audience. He has a good following on Mixbutt with over 100 Full On Psy Trance mixes to listen to. Check & join him at the next party for tea and biccies with the aliens.